Love By Luna Soul Soother Crystal Set

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Stress and anxiety are no match for this gentle, yet effective crystal set.

The Soul Soother Crystal Set was specially designed with relaxation in mind, helping to alleviate emotional tension, stress, anxiety, fear, and worry.

Featuring a combination of calming and cleansing stones, this set provides the perfect support for those dealing with frayed nerves or restless thoughts. 

Includes a marble drawstring pouch for protection and easy gift giving, along with an information card on each crystal's properties + usage tips. 

Stones: • Rose quartz - for heart healing, self-love, and forgiveness  • Blue lace agate - for soothing and inner peace • Lepidolite - for stress and anxiety relief  • Rainbow moonstone - for enhancing intuition  • Amethyst point - for calming and balance 

All crystals range between 0.75 - 1.25" average size and may slightly vary, as each crystal is unique.

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