Love By Luna New Beginnings Crystal Set

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Turn over a new leaf with this revitalizing, premium crystal set.

The cleansing, renewing, and abundance-boosting properties of this crystal set are perfect for those embarking on a new chapter of life.

Use this set to align with new opportunities, encourage personal growth, navigate transitions, attract luck and good fortune, support positive change, harness the power of the new moon phase, and leave your energetic baggage behind. 

Includes a marble drawstring pouch for protection and easy gift giving, along with an information card on each crystal's properties + usage tips. 

Stones: • Amethyst cluster - for enhancing intuition and vision • Peacock ore - for encouraging positivity, flexibility, and gratitude • Clear quartz point - for clearing away stagnant energy, limiting beliefs, and self-doubt   • Pyrite - for embracing personal power  • Green calcite - for attracting opportunities, luck, and abundance 

All crystals range between 0.75 - 1.25" average size.

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